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Cornwall’s St Moritz Hotel is an ideal location for a number of target markets, however one of the challenges with the marketing of the proposition is not ‘putting off’ some off while attracting others in singularity.  This is particularly pertinent with regard to families and children - in the main summer season and over the key holidays, the St Moritz is a brilliant spot for families of all ages, however out of these ‘high season’ points the hotel is keen to promote itself as a relaxing spa destination for high spending couples, women and groups seeking a spa-related or gourmet getaway. Research conducted by Excess Energy showed that some of the key drivers in these markets would be ‘put off’ staying at the hotel if they thought the place was ‘littered with children.’  The contradictory all-powerful ‘mummy-market’ wants to see the hotel as a place that not just welcomes children, but caters specifically for them. 

The conundrum for Excess Energy and Absolute was therefore how to utilise the hotel’s marketing channels to satisfy these conflicting markets and attract them both at the relevant times of year to ensure optimum business.  Excess Energy therefore undertook research to see how other hotels do it and realised that most companies simply follow the formula of kids club promotion and heavily market this year-round.  In addition, one of the key themes of the work for the St Moritz is around the team there providing the ultimate in service so the team concocted a strategy that not just created a kids club, but amassed a whole online and marketing proposition that ‘talked’ to and involved the kids themselves.  The team therefore worked with Absolute to create what is now the world’s first-ever hotel website written ‘by kids for kinds’ and the Mini Moritz proposition was born.

Fronting as Master and Miss Moritz, Excess Energy created a microsite’s worth of copy that would be ‘secretive’ and talk to kids in their own language.  An Absolute art directed photoshoot brought a whole host of colourful and kid-centric images that really illustrate the tone and fun of a Mini Moritz Day in and around the hotel.  A kids ‘canapés and  cocktails’ menu was also developed to make kids teas much more interesting and a new St Moritz Host is now creating a range of innovative kid-centric activities for the holiday periods. 

However to ensure that the proposition is generally only discovered by families and kids themselves, Absolute allowed discreet usage of images of children on the home page, and a link to the Mini Moritz site.  The intention is here that the more general market appeal images are the headliners and those who want to know more about the kids proposition can dig deeper. 

The microsite has received a whole host of glowing comments from families and has led to a significant uplift in family bookings from the main St Moritz website.  Plans are also afoot for social media and PR promotion of the Mini Moritz concept as it evolves and becomes the premier child-friendly option in Cornwall.