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Firstly we should say that everything we do is not about us, it's about you as our client and what you need from your communciations. That said, here's a little more about why we exist and why we do what we do:

Proud to be small and ever-enthusiastic, Excess Energy is a Cornwall based PR & strategic creative communications agency. Everything we do is about finding the right way to talk to the right people to make our client's work more successful.

We are lucky enough to work with a set of awesome projects and clients across a diverse range of subjects and sectors; travel, tourism, culture, the arts, design, heritage, festivals and events, corporate, education, technology and young people-led development, offering an exciting and effective range of comms solutions.

And in turn we spend our days creating integrated and strategic results that help boost footfall, build awareness, make sales or cause desired actions.

We’re not interested in being big and mediocre. We want to be small and constantly white hot. We realise that we are only ever as good as our last job so we put 150% into every piece of work. And our work is driven by our passion for the subject and for what we can do to add our power to the potential of our client's ideas and business plans.

Over the years we have grown steadily, and in an exciting way, as an agency. We love that we’re lucky enough to live here in Cornwall – and we’re delighted to use our skills, our contacts, our knowledge and our enthusiasm to help all our clients move ahead in their game, and to use all communications channels - from the most traditional to the very freshest - to do this. 



" Over the years my colleagues and I have come to the conclusion that there are only a handful of really good travel prs - and Rhona is emphatically one of them. "   Joanna Symons , Telegraph